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Every soul has a mission, a purpose and a path, but sometimes, it’s difficult to see the way forward. If you long to connect with your heart and discover who you’re meant to be, you’ve been guided to the right place.

Akashic Records
Akashic Records & Astrology Reading

Akashic Records Reading

Your soul contains an energetic imprint of every life you have ever lived. Every moment in time, thousands of experiences, ancient wisdom and more, are held together by divine truth. Opening the Akashic Records will help you unlock these imprints, bringing insights from your past and future lives into your present-day as a source of remembrance.

During the reading, the Lords of Light, Councils, your Masters and Guides will greet you, and assist Kate with the messages you need to hear at this exact moment in time. An Akashic Records reading is an activation to heal the very center of your soul. All you have to do is receive.

Astrology Reading

The moment you were born, you were gifted with a natal chart. A blueprint of your soul, a divine grid of your incarnation and energies you behold. Your natal chart holds the secrets of your soul, as designed by the planets and zodiac signs.

A natal chart astrology reading describes the planetary alignments and cosmic energies that you carry within this lifetime. A reading will help you find direction, get clarity and chart the course for your future steps.

Akashic Records and Astrology Reading

For those seeking cosmic guidance, channeled advice, and wisdom from their higher self and past and future lives, combine both an Akashic Records and Astrology Reading for a deep exploration of self.

Dive deep into your astrology chart and see which planets, signs and energies are at play, then follow Kate as she reads your Akashic Records to find the wisdom in your past lives for your current situation.

There are lifetimes of lessons stored in your cosmic library. Are you ready to dive in?


“I decided to have a reading done with Kate Hula to give me some insight and perspective into my life after feeling like I was in a darker place with my life. Kate spoke of many positive things in my life. She confirmed feelings I have had about myself as well as other people in my life. Ever since my reading with Kate I have made personal choices that are helping me grow spiritually and emotionally. She speaks of nothing but love and light, and I will be forever grateful for the gifts that she has.”

Teresa K
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